AVIME successfully fully overhauled a centrifugal compressor for a major agri-foodstuffs group.

The customer approached AVIME for assistance in bringing the process critical machine back into operation.

AVIME’s teams took complete responsibility for the compressor, which had been stopped since September 2017 following a major failure:

  •  Repatriation of components to the workshop for examination
  • Reworking of the High Speed rotor (13,600 rpm), checks on the SS wheel (1,485 rpm) and reconditioning of all the mechanical components
  • Dynamic balancing on our test bench
  • Complete on-site re-assembly
  • Commissioning and vibration signature

AVIME technicians were working with the factory on restarting from the beginning of February.

This was an excellent example of what AVIME’s teams are capable of and once again highlighted the reactive potential and technical skills within our company.


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