AVIME, 35 years' experience in developing air system solutions

AVIME has grown thanks to our focus on our human values, our organisational foresight and our ability to rethink ourselves and invest in advanced technologies to deliver what our customers need. The experience acquired with Neu and an entrepreneurial drive for growth since 1988, means that we are now among the leading suppliers to major manufacturing groups.

We have an acknowledged expertise in air systems, from the design and manufacture of industrial fans, turbines and compressors, to their maintenance. All the project phases are centralised on our Wavrin site: Engineering design studies, supervision, production, administration and marketing. Supporting this, we have a technical hub in Dunkerque and another working with the agri-foodstuffs industries in the West region, helping maximise our capacity for intervention.

Adaptability through sharing skills

Our know-how is based on our collective skill sets and on the synergy between our teams as they manage what in each and every case are always unique projects. Adaptability, customisation and reactive capacity are our key assets in satisfying the highly specific requirements of national and international companies. We also make the most of our cross-disciplinary approach with the sharing of skills. The spreading of individual knowledge is fostered through the development of operating modes for each person in the interests of everyone.

As specialists we are committed to always looking for innovative solutions, to training for new processes, to delivering the best operational intervention methods and to redefining the future needs of our customers. Our customers’ recognition is the guarantee of our experience and of our collective initiatives to ensure successful partnerships.

MASE: Corporate Safety Improvement Management

Prevention, management and training are critical components for day-to-day internal safety as well as on external maintenance and repair sites. This is our management approach as well as a customer requirement. All our employees are extremely focussed on this. Controlling noise levels and analysing risks are vital factors we are constantly working to refine in line with evolving regulations and standards.

The cross-disciplinary dynamic of our human resources helps create a relationship of trust based on respect for well-being and effective know-how.
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