Centrifugal compressors

Maintenance for all brands

Guaranteed operational reactivity

Thirty years’ experience covering all industrial sectors means we are able to offer a range of intervention options that comply with all applicable standards: VDI 2056-AFNOR E 90300, ISO 2372 and API 617.

Minor servicing with report and recommendations

  •  Replacement of carbon bushings
  • Checks and adjustments to following items: Lubricant circuit, turbine, sensors, laser alignment and vibration spectral signature.

Full servicing with report and recommendations

Removal of components (rotor, gearing, bearings, motor, etc.), analysis and replacement if necessary.

Workshop servicing

For specific work, we take the parts to our workshops for repair, testing and finishing (tension bolt, turbine, inductor, shaft, etc.). We can supply spare parts for all makes of centrifugal compressors (bearings, carbon bushings, seals, oil filters, etc.).

Supply of all spare parts

Together with the operational use reports, for the centrifugal compressors we are responsible for:

  • Replacement parts (turbine, seals, rotors, bearings, filters, etc.)
  • Adjustments to the safety instrumentation (thermostat, pressostat, sensor)
  • Repairs to the wheels (cracks, facing, DNC control, etc.)
  • Dimensional checks, Calibrations, upgrades
  • High hydraulic pressure dismantling.
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