Fans & Turbines

Technological advances at your service

Customisation as a speciality

As a specialist in air system engineering we design and manufacture custom industrial air systems. As every request is different, our design engineers analyse your specific requirements, provide a rigorous appraisal and final definition for your specifications sheet and bring your project to reality with a detailed technical file and cost estimate.

Because we want to make sure our calculations match perfectly with your specific usage and with your environment, we use the very latest software available to us. We specify the steels and special alloys that will be able to withstand corrosion, abrasion, erosion and high temperatures.

Analyses from A to Z

  •  Air flow and acoustic analyses
  • Drafting (Solidworks® and AutoCAD 2D-3D®)
  • Finite elements calculations
  • Specific modes
  • API 560, ISO 13705, Shell DEP simulations

Guaranteed at every stage

From the engineering analysis to the manufacture, every stage is carried out on our Wavrin site.

Thanks to our 2,000 m2 of workshops, we can make the wheels, turbines and stators, balance, assemble and fit our systems online with technologically advanced equipment. We invest to guarantee high quality, flexible and rapid services.

We manage the whole of the on-site assembly of the system and the supervision of the upstream and downstream connections. Air flow measurements, rigorous mechanical and vibration checks are all carried out during the commissioning to guarantee readiness for immediate operation.

Our technical staff provide operational and maintenance training for your teams. Right from design we guarantee the quality of our services and including the option for the validation of the manufacturing processes in our workshops.


  •  4 travelling cranes
  • Schenck VT 2101 balancing device
  • Schenck HM30 balancing device
  • Forced air welding equipment
  • 100 t press, bending press, turning gear, sheet metal cutter and lathe

Supply of all spare parts

Together with the operational use reports, for the fan systems we are responsible for:

  • Replacing parts (turbine, seals, rotors, bearings, filters, etc.)
  • Adjustments to the safety instrumentation (thermostat, pressostat, sensor)
  • Repairs to the wheels (cracks, facing, DNC control, etc.)
  • Dimensional checks
  • Calibrations, upgrades
  • High hydraulic pressure dismantling.
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