Vibration analysis & Air Flow Reports

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With our know-how in ventilation systems and mechanics, we are turbo-machine specialists. Our comprehensive monitoring, including reports and diagnostics, is the key to enabling us to guarantee optimum operation and avoid unscheduled machine shut-downs.

Objectives of the programming

  • Data acquisition
  • Definition of the measurement parameters
  • Definition of the measurement points
  • Definition of spectra
  • Evaluation of severity criteria and alarm thresholds
  • Compiling the program
  • Data transfers

On-site measurements

Installation of a collector for measuring vibration intensity and to perform in-situ spectral analyses to identify the conditions of the bearings, alignments, balancing defects, clamping defects, etc. This data is processed by means of dedicated software and checked by our technicians.

Detailed measurement report

  • Alarm report
  • Action report
  • Inspection report
  • Spectral analysis report (simple, comparative and cascade tracking)
  • Trend curves (as of the 3rd measurement)
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