Servicing & Balancing

Your partner for emergencies and maintenance

Urgent intervention

We are focused on a rapid response to any issues and the delivery of effective solutions. Upstream, we recommend prevention by means of annual conditional maintenance contracts (vibration report and mechanical service provisions) aimed at maximising the return on your investments, as well as comprehensive curative maintenance.

In urgent cases we mobilise all our know-how nationally and internationally to analyse a failure or malfunction, and quickly repair and rebalance your fans and compressors (e.g.: increase in vibration intensity, imperfect alignment between motor and fan, pressure, temperature, hygrometry anomalies, etc.).

Effectiveness: On-site balancing

The comprehensive nature of our analyses means we can guarantee perfect balancing under optimum technical conditions. Your guarantee of continued safe operation. This service involves in sequence:

  • Programmed analysis
  • Calibration
  • Balancing
  • Checking
  • Balancing Report

Our strength: Workshop balancing

Increased flexibility and reduced intervention time is our guarantee of quality. Our advanced Schenck HM30 balancing instrument supplements our Schenck H40 bench for balancing turbines and large-size components. These each guarantee quality and advanced technology, and in particular for very high speed rotors, lightweight parts, batches, etc.

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