Under a manufacturing contract, AVIME completed and shipped 3 electric fans for a freefall wind tunnel.

In a previous article we talked about a major project to build a freefall simulator. We can now proudly tell you about the final outcome. Following comprehensive analysis, and outstanding teamwork, we produced fans that were in full compliance with the customer’s precise specifications and the state of the art, as you would expect.

The principal characteristics of these fans are:

  •  Unit flow per fan: 576,000 m3/hr
  • Rotation speed: 600 to 990 rpm
  • Unit power: 355 kW
  • Unit weight: 6.5 T
  • Propeller Ø: 2.44 m

With this set up, the customer is going to be able to operate and float members of the public in a simulated freefall at up to 250 km/hr!

You can find out more about how such a fan works by watching the following video clip.