Under the maintenance contract, ARCELORMITTAL Dunkerque asked the company to replace and recondition a gas compressor booster.

For these sorts of service provisions, AVIME is MASE certified and its maintenance teams are trained for industrial risks and N1/N2 approved.

In carrying out this work, starting with the on-site dismantling and the shipping of the equipment to our Wavrin workshops, and ending with the reassembling and commissioning, our engineering design office first of all modelled and then re-installed the rotating machine on its structure with the objective of limiting as far as possible the destructive effects of vibrations (unbalances, air flow pumping, etc.).

The air flow was thus verified and optimised, as well as its base and the booster seals.

Our technicians then prepared the complete machine in our workshops following a rigorous process, then supervised the record time re-assembly on site aimed at minimising the time required and cost of lifting equipment.

Once the machine was installed and secured, we were then able to complete the sealing.

On 17 May 2019, following comprehensive mechanical and vibration signature testing, gas was supplied to the booster and the installation successfully restarted, accompanied with congratulations from the customer.

In technical terms, the radial blade rotor is connected by a link channel in 2 stages, the bearings are oil lubricated for a rotation speed of 3,000 rpm, at a power rating of 355 kW.

Once again, AVIME was able to demonstrate its expertise and reactive capabilities.